The City

Slated to takeover as the state's next business capital, owing to it's strategic geographical location and supportive infrastructure, Rajahmundry is all set to unleash it's brand new avatar as a major industrial hub and a prospective metropolis.


Rajahmundry, with it's glorious history and magnificent temples makes for an ideal setting for a project that subscribes to the peoples' sensibilities and is yet ahead of it's time. One of the oldest cultural centers of South India, it is also home to the country's leading market for textiles, housing several textile giants that are now spread across the country. Adding to the momentum, Rajahmundry's new airport has been developed to accommodate increasing air traffic, fueled by the interest generated by the KG Basin project. Easily one of the largest airports in the state, it is expected to give business a shot in the arm and make way for MNCs and other international investors. Moreover, considering the rapid pace and scale of development that the city is currently witnessing, we believe that it is only a matter of time before Rajahmundry overtakes many other cities in terms of business and growth.

The Future

As the birthplace of Telugu language and many other noteworthy personalities, Rajahmundry boasts of a sizable intelligentsia, besides an affluent and cosmopolitan population. A thriving hub of trade since time immemorial, excellent engineering and sound infrastructure has always been intrinsic to the city, especially with several reputed institutions dotting its map. Finally, with India's metros crumbling under a failing infrastructure and uncertain future, we believe that Rajahmundry offers tremendous scope for a brand new city, not to mention a bright future.
Perhaps the most important factor in Rajahmundry's attaining the status of the most sought after metropolis down south, the KG Basin project is expected to solve not only the country's natural gas needs, but also provide employment to lakhs of people. Meanwhile, the increase in business activity and foreign investments fueled by NRIs thronging the city and multinational companies' setting up operational bases has only added to it's appeal.